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Q&A With: Shawn and Larry King

Legendary TV interviewer is back with an Internet show.

Longtime Beverly Hills residents Shawn and Larry King, are now working as a team both personally and professionally. Married since 1997, the couple—in addition to raising sons Chance and Cannon—envisioned the newly launched Internet show, Larry King Now, streaming on Hulu. A part of, an online network backed by tech king/world’s wealthiest man Carlos Slim, the program features Larry doing what he does best: interviewing.

With help from his wife, Larry has created a more casual, homey show environment than with the legendary Larry King Live. We caught up with Shawn and Larry on set, where they dished on their latest venture, life with the kids, and Larry’s ongoing curiosity.

How did Larry King Now come about?
LARRY KING: I missed doing interviews. I’m curious and that will always be the same. Our friend, Carlos Slim came to our house for dinner and said, ‘What can we do together?’ Shawn suggested a website, which led to Larry King Now. Our original thought was (strictly) news, but it’s branched out to cover many things. We formed Ora means ‘now’ in Italian, it’s also Shawn’s middle name.

Shawn, were you surprised Larry wanted to come out of retirement?
SHAWN KING: No, I never believed [he would really retire], especially a guy like Larry who’s been doing this his entire life. When you have that kind of passion, you don’t just walk away after 50-something years. It was impossible for him and I knew it, but I wasn’t going to say ‘oh you can’t do that!’ But then I started thinking, how on earth am I going to get him out of my house!

How does the show differ from Larry King Live?
LK: I really feel at home here. It’s a very different feeling than CNN. CNN is news-ish and here it feels very homey. [Broadcasting on] the Internet feels personable. The first time I worked there I felt like I had been doing it here for 20 years.

Shawn, you actually had a big part in designing the set.
SK: It was conceived from a trophy room I designed for Larry in our home. I wanted a room for him that was a tribute to his career. I built this cozy space that has books that he’s written, awards that he has received, pictures with people that he’s interviewed, and letters from Frank Sinatra and Bill Clinton. We brought (various things) from the actual trophy room, which gave it a more comfy, homey feel.

Larry, what were some of your career highlights? You’ve had so many….
LK: Winning two Peabodys for radio, an Emmy and Emmy lifetime achievement award, and 10 Cable ACE awards, but the number one achievement is fatherhood. There’s nothing that matches being a father.

Speaking of family, how do you spend your weekends in LA?
SK: Our weekends are family time. Saturdays usually involve [the boys’] sports. Sunday afternoon, I always cook a big dinner for Sunday night.

Larry, is there someone you haven’t interviewed yet but would like to?
LK: Castro, he fascinates me. In entertainment, Bruce Springsteen is number one. You can’t get ‘em all.

—Brianna Deutsch


Q&A: Skincare Savior Dr. Harold Lancer

Rodeo Drive’s renowned dermatologist prepares for Emmys and beyond.

Famed Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer has long been a go-to for Hollywood’s most gorgeous faces. The legendary Lancer glow—courtesy of the doctor’s product line the Lancer Method and innovative skin treatments—attracts celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Ryan Seacrest, Oprah Winfrey, and Nicole Richie. With the Emmy Awards just around the corner, Dr. Lancer’s stunning Rodeo Drive office has been buzzing with stars. From getting red carpet ready to his office décor, Dr. Lancer chats with us about being one of the most trusted names in LA.

Explain your “Method” skincare system. 
DR. HAROLD LANCER: The Method is great because it works and it works quickly; most people see a difference within one use. It includes three products: a polish, a cleanse, and a nourish. The nourish is the most popular because it’s one of the few that can be used on the entire face including the upper eyelid.

What new treatment are you excited about?
HL: Our newest is a combination of ultrasound and radio wave treatments used simultaneously for skin lifting and firming. It’s a non-surgical treatment and can be used on the face, neck, arms, and knees.

Diet really affects skin. What should we be eating to ensure healthy, glowing skin?
HL: I think juicing is the trend of the future. [Juicing] three or four times a day is great for your skin. One to try is lemon, green apple, kale, mint, and parsley all smashed up.

With the Emmys coming up, you’re going to be a very busy man I take it?
HL: That’s right! We have about 12 nominees this year.

How do you get them red carpet ready?
HL: They all get primed for at least a month before the awards. The key is not last-minute beauty detail—it’s a chronic, ongoing thing. Most [nominees] do microbuffing and use my skincare [line]. And some, [do] the ultrasound radio treatments and concentrated oxygen treatments about once or twice a week for four weeks before the show. Also, the morning of they usually come in for topicals, stem cell protein, and oxygen.

What do you like to do in LA when you’re not working?
HL: I’m usually at an art gallery. I’m an art lover and an antique lover and lover of music. I’m one of those classical Renaissance types.

Your office looks like a museum. Where did that inspiration come from?
HL: I wanted to make [it] the most pleasant and wonderful environment so people actually love coming to see me. Lancer Dermatology, 444 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, 310-278-8444

—Brianna Deutsch


On the Record with Dodger Matt Kemp

The highest paid player in all of baseball discusses the game, L.A. living and the single life.

Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp recently signed an eight-year, $160 million contract extension—the largest deal in National League history. Despite his record-breaking salary, the 27-year-old Oklahoma native remains grounded thanks to a close-knit family and strong faith. The charming player chatted with us about his new contract, his dream of being a father and what he looks for in a woman.

How does it feel to sign a history-making contract with the Dodgers?
MATT KEMP: It feels pretty good, and it’s very exciting for me and my family. This is where I’m going to possibly be for my whole career.

Coming from Oklahoma, what do you love about L.A.?
MK: The atmosphere: L.A. has beautiful people and it’s a beautiful place with a lot to do. There aren’t many places where you can just sit at a café, eat lunch outside and people watch.  Being young and single here is fun, too!

What do you look for in a woman?
MK: Confidence. Someone who works hard and wants to be successful at life and enjoys helping others.

What do you like to do in your downtime?
MK: I like to eat! I like to go bowling. I’m a big kid at heart. I just like to have my friends around, and as long as they’re having fun and enjoying life then I’m good.

What would fans be surprised to know about you?
MK: I love singing R&B. Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross are just a few of my inspirations. Music is very important to me. It helps me get ready for baseball games and to get up in the morning.

Throughout your career in baseball, what has been your greatest inspiration?
MK: My family has been an inspiration of course, but God is definitely the big inspiration. He’s the one that put me on this earth and gave me the opportunity to be here and to have this success and he’s given me the strength to keep going.

What are your personal goals?
MK: To be successful and help as many people as I can. I’ve been put in this world to help motivate people to follow their dreams. I also want to be a good husband, a good dad—all of those things.

—Brianna Deutsch


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